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James Alexander Specialty Paints

James Alexander Limewash Wall Paint - 2024 Color Collection

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Achieve our authentic mineral lime-paint finish with subtle visual movement, richly pigmented colors, and soft texture effects which naturally occur during the brushed application.

This premium non-sheen architectural lime wash paint can be applied to drywall and brick surfaces and creates an exceptional, matte finish. The 2024 collection consists of 36 exclusive limewash colors. 

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Our pure mineral formulation stays true to the tradition of European limestone paint lime-washes. For best results, drywall and previously painted surfaces should be prepared with Lime-Prep Primer before application of this paint. 

Appropriate for traditional brick and stone limewash applications, the finish can be distressed after application on both interior and exterior walls.

    • Coverage: 300 square feet average coverage per gallon with two coats (75 square feet of coverage average per-quart container). Our lime paint is a ready-to-use thin viscosity and spreads easily and quickly with a lime paintbrush.
    • Fresh and healthy: Lime Paint is a 0 VOC, eco-friendly natural mineral finish. A healthier alternative to common paints. Virtually no odor.
    • Easy to use: This Limewash paint is a pleasure to paint with and very forgiving. For use on both walls and interior or exterior brick. Easy-to-follow instructions are included. Simple cleanup with soap and water.
    • Versatility: Can be diluted with water for a more transparent limewash finish.
    • Best way to sample: Our 4 oz. Sample Jars are the best way to sample. Hand-painted sample cards are available for purchase.


More about Lime Wash Paints

Lime mineral paint is known for its almost unearthly luminescent quality that is achieved while maintaining a nearly dead-flat sheen. It is the calcite crystals that form in the curing limewash that refract light and produce a beautiful visual glow. Want to learn more about this mineral paint? Please see our FAQ Page.

Add beautiful color, depth, and dimension to your walls with this ready-to-use paint. 

Coverage rates of approximately 300 sq. feet per gallon vary based on surface porosity and the number of coats required to produce the desired effect. Please remember that digitally displayed colors vary by screen and brightness settings and are representative only.