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James Alexander Specialty Paints

Limewash Densifier

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Simplify application and increase durability of your limewash finish with this densifier.

Add to the final coat of interior limewash walls to reduce the typical chalky surface finish of authentic limewash paint. This product reduces the need for a sealer and maintains limewash color and the flat no-sheen finish more accurately than a sealer topcoat.

How to use:

Mix 1 quart of densifier into 1 gallon (or 4 parts limewash to 1 part densifier) of James Alexander Limewash Paint for the final coat. 

  • Creates a significantly less chalky finish for areas with walls that will be touched or contacted.
  • Simplifies application steps if used on final coat of limewash as it can reduce or eliminate the need for a sealer on higher contact areas
  • Maintains the natural flat look finish of your limewash finish
  • Sealer can be applied over a densified limewash to create a more durable surface. Sealer can be applied more easily over the densified limewash finish than non-densified limewash.
  • Zero VOC, water based formula
  • For interior use only