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James Alexander Specialty Paints

Lime-Prep Primer

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Lime-Prep primer should be applied before applying James Alexander Limewash to drywall, previously painted walls, and other interior surfaces that are not naturally porous for proper adhesion (this step is not generally required before application to porous brick, stone, or plaster). Our zero VOC primer is low odor and allows limewash paint application to non-mineral surfaces.

This limewash bonding primer is not a sealing primer. Use an acrylic latex primer prior to application of this product to prepare new construction drywall or other surfaces which would normally require a primer prior to painting. Simply apply this bonding primer over your sealing primer.

White Base Primer is the best option for most applications.

Clear Base Primer allows the natural color of your substrate material to show through.

We recommend one coat of Lime-Prep primer and two coats of limewash paint for most applications.


  • Typically ships within 2 business days.
  • Lime-Prep primer is a zero VOC product for interior applications.
  • Allows James Alexander Limewash to be applied to wood, primed, or painted drywall, and many previously-finished surfaces.
  • Can be rolled-on or spray applied. Microfiber roller cover recommend for rolling.
  • Typical coverage is 350 sq. feet per gallon.